Modern Technology has long found its way into the traditional classroom. Nowadays, video streaming, podcasts and Interactive Whiteboards, amongst others, feature in lesson designs, accommodating learning habits and information reception of young digital natives. While they offer the integration of new sources of content and channels of communication, their incorporation to the set of media used at schools, however, needs to undergo the same critical assessment that every in-class measure has to live up to. Understanding how to use digital media not a priori, but to make it function to full learning effect is the goal of this class. Therefore, we will ground digital media soundly into theory, methodology and teaching approaches. In this seminar we will have a closer look at the advantages and challenges of various types of modern media as well as techniques and principles on how to apply those in classroom settings. The class will center around lesson plans which participants will be required to draft in order to showcase their understanding of how and why a certain type of digital media could or should be included to the teaching palette.